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In-Utero Sales



Due Early April 2024

Will be registered Oldenburg GOV


"N"Due Early-mid May 2024

Will be registered Oldenburg GOV




"N"Due Mid May 2024

Will be registered Oldenburg GOV


About Buying In-Utero

Buying in-utero is a great way to save money on buying a foal. Our in-utero prices are generally discounted around 15%-20% of what we anticipate marketing the foal for when it hits the ground. In-utero purchases are ideal for someone who has specific bloodlines in mind.


 The basics of our contract include the following:

 We require a deposit to hold "right of first refusal" on the foal.

The foal is guaranteed to be healthy (we have our vet perform a "well foal exam" within 12-24 hours of the birth of the foal). Once the foal is deemed healthy, Buyer is responsible for paying the remainder of the agreed upon purchase price. If the foal is not healthy the deposit is refunded.

We take care of all expenses on the mare during her pregnancy and all routine expenses (routine farrier, deworming, feed and care) on the foal until 30 days after weaning. Any vet expenses become Buyer's responsbility after foal passes it "well foal exam".

We also take care of all registration and inspection expenses for the foal. All of our foals are registered and microchipped.

If you have any questions regarding purchasing in-utero we welcome you to contact us. We will share a copy of our contract upon request.

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