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About Us

Located on over 200 acres of land in the heart of beautiful New York State, North Hill Farm was founded in 2007 by George & Maggie (Davies) Neider. It is also the home of the Neider family dairy farm- a small working family dairy farm since the 1960's.  

Our first foals were born in 2008. We have evolved from a very small program (1-2 foals per year) to a moderately sized breeding farm with the goal being 3-6 foals born each year. It is a labor of love and both George and Maggie are involved hands-on in every aspect of the horses daily care.(and dairy cattle as well!). Maggie has been involved with horses for over 30 years. Her riding career has been primarily on the Hunter/Jumper circuit and she has competed all over Central NY and also in Wellington, FL. Growing up, she was a member of the Syracuse PHA and in college, she was a member of the St. Lawrence University equestrian team. Maggie also spent several years with the Limestone Creek Hunt Club. She was the manager of the staff barn for 6 years and also a whipper-in under former huntsman Anne Adams. Maggie spent 6 years working part-time under Dr. Kelly Foltman at Willowind Farm Equine Services. She is now a full time horse breeder and stay at home mom to their three young children. She also assists with the Equine Reproduction classes at Cazenovia College.

George has owned horses for over 20 years. Although his riding experience has been mostly trail riding, prior to founding North Hill Farm he had raised a few foals of his own. They grew up to be very friendly, people loving, and willing. Much of what makes George great with horses is his experience with the dairy calves on the farm. They have taught him how to be gentle yet firm and his naturally calm nature encourages trust in our foals. George also brings to our program his love for horses, complete support, and not to mention he knows how to make great horse hay!

Our Team
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